Custom WordPress Design Services are available to create beautiful websites

We’ll handle the labor-intensive work so you can have a working, secure, mobile-responsive, and SEO-ready website with SSL built in no time. All the advantages without doing any work!


Because an excellent website need not be one that is challenging.

Allow the experts to handle it so you can focus on expanding your company. This is how it goes:

Meet our Design Professionals

To discuss your creative brief with our team of WordPress design specialists, make an appointment. The next step is up to us.

Examine our Work

Visit your website to check in as we build it. Please let us know what you appreciate and what needs improvement.

Take control of your website by signing off.

Your website is ready to go live once you’ve given your approval for the final designs! We’ll get it running and give you the keys after that!

Combine your hosting with our professionals to create the ideal WordPress website.

Don’t do the research. saving time Expand your company!


Get a brand-new, SEO-friendly website that is secure and customized for your company.

Top Features

1. Customized Websites

2. Premium Stock Photos

3. Powered by WordPress Page Editor

4. Dedicated Project Coordinator

5. SSL-Enabled Website

6. SEO-Friendly Design

7. Mobile Responsive Design

8. Integrated Google Maps

10. Email Webform

11 Design Revisions


Create an e-commerce store for your company that is completely functioning and start selling online.

Top Features

1. Custom Web Pages

2. Premium Stock Photos

3. Powered by WordPress Page Editor

4. Dedicated Project Coordinator

5. SSL-Enabled Website

6. SEO-Friendly Design

7. Mobile Responsive Design

8. Integrated Google Maps

9. Email Webform

10. Design Revisions

11. Products Integrated

12. Payment Gateway Setup

13. Delivery Vendor Integration

Learn more about the tailored design as a service.

How to use our Website Design Service

1. Utilize a committed project coordinator.

Give your vision wings with the help of a committed project coordinator who will manage the entire project lifecycle.

2. Select from hundreds of plugins

As our website design specialists lead you through the outstanding WordPress tools at your disposal, strike the proper balance between function and form.

3. When you’re prepared, regain control.

Your website will be fully under your control once it has been configured and is prepared for launch. But rest assured that we’ll be here if you ever need us.

Creating a website on your own but in need of some assistance?

You may always get the best guidance thanks to our Blue Sky Expert WordPress Guidance service.

How does tailored design as a service work?

Personalized design as a service is a WordPress-based website design service provided by Digital Nexus Media’s top-tier design professionals. The expert’s designs are customized to the customer’s company objectives. Designing attractive websites with great functionality, mobile adaptability, and SEO is what our team of specialists does best.

For who does tailored design?

It’s best to use tailored design as a service for:

a piece of individual seeking advice from website design consultancy services

a person seeking complete ownership and control over the files when the design is finished

a person looking exclusively for WordPress design

Someone who requires sophisticated design features that call for particular plugins

What distinguishes Standard WordPress Design from E-commerce WordPress Design?

WordPress E-commerce Design?
While the E-commerce WordPress plan enables your target audience to purchase goods and services directly from your company through your website, Standard WordPress Design is a website design service supplied to assist you with a static informative website.

How can I get in touch with a tailored design expert?

Depending on your plan, get prompt responses via live chat, email, or phone. You can access your Tailored Design service using a Digital Nexus Media account.

Why ought I select a tailored design?

Our in-house designers devote their time to creating the greatest websites at Digital Nexus Media as a premium website design service. We have a staff of highly qualified design experts, years of expertise with Digital Nexus Media, and hosting WordPress websites. Our professionals can implement your vision and launch a great website online with our Tailored Design service. Our bespoke website design services are intended to help you save time and effort by developing a website that meets your business objectives.

What does the Standard Design Plan include?

The greatest bespoke website design is offered by Tailored Design. Our experts work with you to create a site that is mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized and has effective landing pages. You receive an SSL certificate for your website, up to 5 unique pages, a contact form with email notifications, Google Maps integration, premium stock photos, 2 design revision rounds with our talented designers, and more.

What is covered by the plan for e-commerce design?

The greatest bespoke e-commerce website design is offered by Ecommerce Design. Our experts work with you to create an e-commerce website that is mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized and has effective landing pages. You receive up to 15 simple product integrations, a contact form with email updates, a Google Maps connection, premium stock pictures, 3 rounds of design modifications with our skilled designers, an SSL certificate for your website, and more. You also get up to bespoke pages for your website.

What is the process for the Bluehost Web Design Service?

For your WordPress site, our Digital Nexus Media Web Design service offers fantastic custom website designs with optimizations for SEO, mobile compatibility, landing page performance, and more! You will require:

When you share your aims and ideas with our website design consultant, they will suggest a suitable template based on all the content and photos you want on your website.

Our web design professionals will create a bespoke website design that is mobile-friendly and customized with your company logo after receiving your input. Additionally, it will feature mobile-friendly designs, gorgeous stock pictures, and content that is SEO-friendly.

Before anything goes live, sit down with your designer and go over the website they built while reviewing and revising your design. Examine the website’s functionality in detail and, if appropriate, make any design suggestions.

What amount of support is there for the delivery service, SMS gateway, and payment gateway?

distribution and gateway services
We will work with you to integrate a payment gateway, an SMS gateway, and a delivery service so that your customers and website visitors may make purchases. The scope does not, however, cover opening and maintaining accounts with these providers.

How long will the website’s design take?

We normally strive to finish the new website and be launch-ready within 21 business days, barring unforeseen delays.



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