Bulk SMS Connect with your consumers at any time, anywhere

The platform created to deliver bulk SMS messages is simple and efficient. With a single click, send millions of marketing, transactional, implicit, explicit, and alarm messages.

Track online message delivery while sending SMS

Instant SMS sending and real-time reporting

Bulk SMS, which has a +90% open rate, is the most often used method of contacting customers. With a registered brand name of Digital Nexus Media, we have become India’s top provider of bulk SMS services over time. Over millions of customers have been satisfied thanks to our implementation of sector-specific best practices. We support comprehensive disclosure. Online mass sms sending in real-time with precise delivery reports is possible. You can quickly set up an SMS campaign using the platform that Digital Nexus Media offers.

Bulk SMS Services Benefits

Trusted, dependable, effective, economical, and more

Why are bulk SMS investments worthwhile?

There are so many advantages to using bulk SMS services. It is the most practical and successful way to reach a large audience.

Powerful Features of Bulk SMS

Create, send, and manage all campaigns from a single location.

1. Strong Dashboard

Send bulk SMS messages quickly and easily from the dashboard, where you can also manage everything.

2. Template for SMS

Our software can map SMS templates that have previously received approval from the DLT platform using your Entity id.

3. Choose a language

We offer SMS services in Unicode for national and regional languages. Sms your regional audiences with Unicode

4. Interactive Excel Upload.

We offer dynamic content/tags to add important details to the SMS and customize your campaign.

5. High Tempo

We depend on a high-speed SMS gateway to send your SMS to your prospective consumers on time.

6. Receiver ID

Obtain a sender ID based on the pre-approved firm name from DLT headers in order to send SMS.

7. Send your contact list up

Utilize our simple upload tool to create a database of all the names and phone numbers of your audience.

8. Send your contact list up

Utilize our simple upload tool to create a database of all the names and phone numbers of your audience.

9. Extended Messages

With the help of our software, you can send messages that are longer than the typical SMS character restriction of 160.

10. DLT Conformity

To maintain transparency and the security of our end users, we adhere to the most recent DLT regulations.

11. Designer API

Website/program integration with bulk SMS developer API documentation (single/multiple SMS through HTTP)

12. gateway secured by SSL

You can relax knowing that your data is secure and protected with our bulk SMS gateway, which is completely SSL compliant.

13. Excel Add-In

You may send SMS messages using the Excel Plugin and your computer. From your excel sheet, send an SMS online.

A bulk SMS Gateway: What Is It?

SMS APIs can be integrated into your current setup via a bulk SMS gateway. Choosing a bulk SMS gateway that offers high-quality, real-time delivery reports and transparency is crucial. As trustworthy bulk SMS gateway providers, we strive to support your long-term success. Any system may effortlessly communicate with clients using our SMS gateway. You may increase audience loyalty, sales, client base, and engagement levels with the aid of the Digital Nexus Media SMS gateway.

SMS marketing

Customers are given discounts and promotional offers via promotional SMS services. We make it simple for you to quickly deliver tailored bulk SMS to your consumers. Set up an SMS campaign using our user-friendly platform to keep your clients informed by sending out alerts and discount vouchers on a regular basis. To send such communications, a Sender ID or Header is made. I cannot utilize alphabetic characters. Once configured, we offer you precise delivery reports and rapid deliverability. Our bulk SMS marketing services are intended to advertise your company and increase customer loyalty.

SMS transactions

To interact and communicate with your customers in real-time, use transactional SMS services. We offer a fully managed SMS API that does more than just allow for message transmission. You may manage contacts, schedule SMS messages, and track their delivery in real-time using Digital Nexus Media. To transfer transactions by text message over several networks, we deploy sophisticated routing systems. Utilize our platform to continuously transmit notifications, OTPs, and information to non-DND cellphone numbers.

Whether you want transactional SMS or promotional SMS, we can help.

Our SMS services are expertly crafted to meet the demands of your company. With the help of efficient messaging solutions, generate new leads.

Why Use the SMS Gateway from Digital Nexus Media?

Services that transmit millions of SMS messages at once are known as bulk SMS.

Operator connectivity directly

To spread out the workload and send SMS quickly, multiple operator routes with direct connectivity are used.

personalized SMS

Customer-specific SMS features that make it simple to send personalized messages


Simple dashboard for monitoring SMS delivery statistics

interface optimized for mobile

Simple to use interface for sending an SMS from a mobile device.

Affordable bulk SMS service

An efficient and user-friendly platform for low-cost services.

Commercial SMS

Customers are informed about the newest bargains, offers, discount coupons, and other advertising offerings using promotional SMS.

We utilize a user-friendly platform to send SMS to non-DND lines.

Online messages can only be delivered between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM.

Customers can choose when they like to receive promotional SMS messages.

To send SMS advertisements, the operator creates a Sender ID. Each ID is distinct and is made up of numbers.

Promotional: Clearly

The introduction of implicit and explicit service pathways follows TRAI principles.

Promotional SMS falls within the area of being explicit.
SMS advertisements cannot be sent over the implicit route.
Users’ approval must be obtained before SMS can be sent to them.
Send SMS messages using the explicit route to opt-in to non-DND phones.

Transactional SMS

OTPs, order notifications, and other information are sent via transactional SMS.

To transmit SMS on DND and Non-DND channels, we make use of sophisticated filters.

Transactional SMS can be sent immediately and without a time limit.

According to TRAI requirements, banks are responsible for transactional SMS routes. In order to provide OTP to the user’s mobile device, the banks will utilize transactional routes.

The operator at DLT approves Sender ID. Any 6 alphabetic characters make up the ID.

Explicit: Transactional

According to TRAI, new regulations have been implemented to shield users against dishonest tactics.

Informative SMS messages and OTP are included
The transactional event, product/service alerts can be delivered
Transactional SMS can be used by government, private, and multinational banks.
The bank will use six alphabetic characters to generate a special header ID.


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