Web Automation Bot for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web Automation that is both stable and feature-rich

Simply pair your WhatsApp Web with Digital Nexus Media Automation Tool to automate sending and receiving messages. A potent tool for

Increase your overall productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction without going broke! enduring the arduous WhatsApp Official

Distinctive Characteristics
1. Allows you to send media files.

You can use API to send media files, invoices, and OTP directly to customers from your own software or application.

2. Dedicated Servers in Your Area

We will host your WhatsApp web on a dedicated server near your country to reduce the possibility of blocking.

3. Interactions with messages

Messages are sent and received in under a minute, making it more scalable than our previous phone automation tool.

4. Designed and managed in-house

The automation tool is fully developed and managed in-house by our experienced engineers, ensuring timely updates and optimal performance.

5. Receive Real-Time Delivery and Read Reports

You will receive precise and real-time delivery, read, and play reports for all messages sent.

6. Obtain the Display Name and Image

When someone sends a message, their public display name and profile picture are displayed.

7. There are no dependencies.

Unlike our Phone automation tools, you do not need to install any software or use a specific phone to link your WhatsApp web; simply scan the QR code from any phone you own, including iPhones.

Advantages for Business

1. There is no approval.

You don’t need WhatsApp’s permission or to wait to get started.

2. Utilize an Existing Number

There is no need to change your current business number.

3. There are no per-message fees.

You do not have to pay per message, but rather a flat monthly or yearly fee.

4. There are no destination fees.

You can send messages to any country without incurring any additional fees.

5. In 10 Minutes, You’ll Be LIVE!

Within 10 to 15 minutes, you can complete your phone integration and GO LIVE.

6. Utilize WhatsApp Web.

You can use WhatsApp Web alongside your phone.

Case Study: WhatsApp Business

Billing and payment concerns
Product specifics
Individual issues
Changing or updating personal information

Solve problems 10 times faster:

Resolve customer issues up to ten times faster than any other channel.

Answering Machine:

By deploying an Answer bot to frequently asked questions, you can save up to 60% on manpower costs and effort.

Calls should be reduced:

Because 70% of customers prefer to message rather than call, reducing calls by 60% saves manpower and effort.

Improved Customer Satisfaction:

An immediate response can significantly boost customer satisfaction.


Connect SpiderBot to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, a website, SMS, and your Android phone to enjoy a new communication experience.

Intelligent Reactions

Engage customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week using various Social Messaging Apps. Artificial Intelligence-Powered (AI)

API Developer

Engage customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week using various social media platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions
I use a similar WhatsApp web-based automaton from another provider, but the platform occasionally goes down and takes days to repair; how are you different?

It is true that if WhatsApp changes some signaling systems or structures in their WhatsApp Web, the automation will likely have an impact, but we developed this solution from the ground up and are able to update in less time than others. We also have a fallback to phone automation in order to avoid downtime, i.e. if WhatsApp web automation has any issues, you can switch to phone automation with a single tap of a button, ensuring business continuity.

Why do you maintain a separate server for each number?

There are several reasons for this, but the primary one is to avoid WhatsApp blocking. If we run all of the WhatsApp Web on a single server, if any of the users is banned by WhatsApp, all other users on the same server are likely to be banned as well. To avoid this scenario, we keep a dedicated server for each number. Another reason is to provide more data security and privacy.

How long does it take for my dedicated WhatsApp Server to be activated?

The activation process is completely automated; a new server is created in 3-5 minutes and you are ready to go.

What is the reasoning for deploying in multiple data centers?

Again, this is to avoid WhatsApp blocking. For example, if you are from India and your physical phone is connected in India, the WhatsApp web is also likely to connect from India. If the distance between your physical phone and WhatsApp web is too great, WhatsApp may detect it as a bot. This is merely a precautionary measure, and based on our previous experience, WhatsApp does not take the location of the phone or WhatsApp web into account.

What is the benchmarking speed for this solution?

Based on our tests in various scenarios, we discovered that it can send and receive messages in under a minute without any queues. However, keep in mind that sending too many messages may result in the blocking of your WhatsApp number. The ideal limit is to send no more than 10 messages per minute to known contacts.

Will the automation work if I turn off my WhatsApp phone or disconnect from the Internet?

No, automation stops working if the phone on which the WhatsApp App is installed is turned off or disconnected from the Internet.


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